Special diets

Vegetarian and vegan
Woodstock is, traditionally, a meaty kind of place, but we know too that we need to watch the amount of meat we eat. That’s why we’ve expanded our salad bar and always have vegetarian options and a vegan option available. Look for the ‘v’ or ‘vegan’ on our menus. If you are vegan, please phone ahead so that we can be sure to have something for you.

Coeliac Disease
Coeliac Disease affects 1 in 100 people in Ireland (Coeliac Society of Ireland). That’s not including those who are wheat intolerant. We bake our own gluten-free scones and we always have one or two gluten-free desserts to offer. We also stock Goodness Grains multi-seed bread. Please ask the chef for a gluten-free recommendation from the carvery. ‘gf’ indicates ‘gluten-free’ dishes but please be aware that as this food is prepared in a kitchen and served from displays with other food containing gluten, therefore we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur.

SI 489/2014 Health Regulations 2014
Written particulars of the food allergens referred to in these regulations are available to our customers in a menu folder marked ‘Allergens’, which is kept at the cash register in Woodstock. Please be aware that we use all 14 allergens in our kitchen. Trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking. Before placing your order please inform us if you or a person in your party has a food allergy. If a food product we use states that it ‘may contain’ a food allergen, but the allergen is not listed in the ingredients, we do not declare the allergen.

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v = suitable for vegetarians